Ahhh… Everything Comes Around!

There comes a time in every parents life when they look at their children and think to themselves (or perhaps even say to their children)…. “Someday you’ll know just what it’s like.”

Have you ever thought that?

Take, for example, this adorable little boy. You know those little sticky toys that look a lot like a gummy worm? You throw them on the wall and they stick? Well, it seems that little Jacob ATE one tonight while leaving the restaurant. You can get them out of a gumball machine, and what kid doesn’t love gumball machines? Looks like a gummy worm! And it goes right in the mouth and down the throat. Jacob’s dad (my son Sean) calls me and asks for suggestions as to what to do. “Give him LOTS of fiber, lots of water, and it should come out on its own. BUT, you need to make sure, so the worst part of this is LOOKING FOR IT.”

Ahhhh, yes. I remember a little boy about 28 years ago (during the time period before his little brother was born) who found a full pack of ExLax. You know the kind that comes wrapped like it’s a chocolate candy bar? Yes, well, Mommy was very pregnant, and sometimes things need help. Ahem. Little boy comes out of the bathroom with “chocolate” all over his face.

“What do you have all over your mouth?”
“You ate something, now tell Mommy what you ate.”
“I ate your candy bar. Mommy.”
“What candy bar?!?!?”
“The one in the bathroom on the shelf!”

Imagine what our night was like after the candy bar!

Here’s our adorable grandson Jacob again. Looks like he is getting his hair washed, doesn’t it? Actually, this is PRE-hairwashing. Here, Jacob has HAND LOTION in his hair. And then there’s the clown-face boy after enjoying Mommy’s lipstick.

Yes, everything comes ’round. I remember finding Jacob’s father in his crib after a nap at … oh, around 2 years old. He woke up from his nap and decided to take the industrial sized jar of Vaseline off the dresser next to his crib and apply just about ALL of the contents on his lovely brown curls. Try and get THAT out!

Yes, life gives us adorable little boys and girls. And with that comes a lot of “fun.” Enjoy it! They are only little for a short while. Then they get to experience the joy on their own!

<— Jacob's Daddy.
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