Dear Jane Progress

I’m gaining on it, but slowly. I managed to get one block stitched last night – E 13, “Moth in a Web” (see below) which felt good. Dean and I went shopping after work, then had dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse. MMMmmmmmm, steak and a sweet potato! An hour of stitching after that and I was ready for bed. I decided I need to do a little stitching every day – that’s my goal. Have you posted YOUR goal yet? If not, go here and post your goal in the comments section.
Don’t forget about the fabric and postcard giveaway on June 21st. That’s this Saturday!

E-13 Moth in a Web

Make your day a GREAT one!

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Are you on target?

Successful people don’t just happen overnight. They work at it. They set goals. They strive to be better, taking classes, fine-tuning skills and techniques. They tackle the unknown. They push the boundaries and force themselves to think “outside the box.”

Are you a dedicated quilter? Do you take classes? Do you set goals for yourself? Even a quilter who quilts for relaxation can enjoy and see improvement from taking a class or two.

I need a few classes. I enjoy paper piecing because it lets me accomplish things I might not be able to hand or machine quilt without the pattern. But often times, it’s not easy for me. I need a good instructor to help me get over that. I love to applique, but some things are a struggle, like sharp inside corners. I’d love to take a class in dye techniques… just for fun. And outside the quilting arena, I am longing for a basic art class. My goal is to take one of the classes above before the year is out.

I’ve noticed in some of my recent blog posts that I complain about not having enough quilting time. Time to quit whining and set aside a little time each day. Time to hold myself to task.

Barack Obama spoke to a congregation on Father’s Day about improving their lives and the lives of their children. He said, “All B’s? Is that the highest grade?” Obama said. “It’s great that you can get a B, but you can get a better grade. It’s great that you’ve got a job, but you can get a better job.” He was talking about improvement. I can improve. So can you.

The block above is for my Dear Sammy Jane quilt. It’s block F-11, “On Target.”
I’m going to write down a few goals and post them where I can see them. Why don’t you do that, too? Let’s check in at the end of the summer and see where we are.

Can you stay “On Target?”

Take up the challenge to improve your quilting. Post one goal in the comments section, then let’s check back at the end of September and see how we did.

Have a GREAT sewing week!

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Nothing like a new haircut

I just got my hair cut three weeks ago. Actually, more of a fine trimming. I was trying to grow it out longer. Don’t know what I was thinking! After three weeks of it in its longer style, I gave up. Couldn’t stand it on my neck anymore, and in this Michigan humidity, it would look poofy in the morning, only to be flat as a pancake by 11 AM. No more.

Yesterday I made a lunch appointment to get it cut. Patrice, my stylist, is my son Loren’s age. She’s adorable and SO talented. I took a picture with me of exactly what I wanted. I explained it to her, showed the photo, oohed and ahaaaa’d about the sexy look with the long bangs, higher-in-the-back poof, etc.
<—-Here's the picture I had with me. Pretty darn sexy.

If you’ve ever tried to take your own photo, you know how hard it can be. So excuse the poor photography in the photo below, but I think it shows you enough to get an idea of the hair cut I came home with.

It’s shorter than what I had… I’ll give it that. But I don’t think it looks like the hair style I had in mind. I mean, come on! Where’s the strong chin? Dark, sultry eyes, beautiful complexion? Not to mention that it doesn’t poof in the back! It doesn’t cover my eyes and give me that “come hither look.” I know what it is. I wasn’t posing right. Yeah, that’s it. I need my lips parted, looking ahead and not to the right.

OK, gotta go shower and try the style myself. More poof on top. Different makeup. Younger body. That might do it…

OK… back after shower and my own styling. Still doesn’t quite get it for me. Geesh! Maybe I just need a new head? YEAH, that’s it! Anyone know where I can get one?

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I love this quilt. My mother made it for me when I graduated from the University of Michigan in 1989. I went back to school after my boys were in elementary school, and finished my bachelors that summer. It’s all hand-made, and the cool thing about it is that it’s the first quilt I ever saw my mom make. Actually, I didn’t see her sew it at all; it was a total surprise to me. But the most amazing part of the whole quilt is that my mom was legally blind when she made it. She could see out a little bit with one eye, but the rest was all blurry. She described it as cutting a tiny little one-eighth inch hole in a piece of paper and trying to see through that. Check out the detail in the second picture.

It’s all hand-quilted, and she embroidered the lines inside each fan shape. It’s her own design, and knowing that I always name and date my quilts, she embroidered the name of it and the date on the back side:


Quite a fitting name, wouldn’t you say?

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Roses and Mother Nature

Sometimes Mother Nature plays tricks on us. Sometimes they are nasty, dangerous tricks, like a flood, tornado, hurricane, and so forth. Other times they are simple little tricks. Here’s one I just don’t understand.

Several years ago, I planted two climbing rose bushes: the two you see here. The first one on my fence at the front of my side yard has always been a beautiful yellowy orange (more of a salmon color). I adored the color!

This one at the back of my yard is climbing the fence underneath the flowering plum tree. This one goes crazy climbing, producing a bounty of beautiful red roses every year.

Ok, do you notice the problem yet? The color you see on your screen is fairly true to their actual color. I’m hoping my rose buddy John will pipe in here and explain why my beautiful YELLOWISH roses are now all like the ones at the back of my yard on my other bush. I’m a little ticked off at Mother Nature right now!

If you know what’s going on, please tell me! I’m off to buy more roses today!

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Bathing Beauty Design

“Don’t you think I look gorgeous?”

<–Gotta love the sassy hand flip on this bathing beauty!

Why is it that when we are young, healthy rolls and dimples are acceptable, and fit right into our saucy summer wear. But when we get older… not so much. Why can’t designers come up with some more flattering designs for summer wear (ok, swim wear) for more (ahem) mature frolicking in the sun?

I had a fun evening last night designing “something” for a friend. I explored and pulled out my stash, played with colors and designs and began creating on something to send her way. Lots of fun! No pattern, no plan, just colors, scissors and my trusty old Bernina. Could have stayed there all night if it weren’t for needing sleep!

Have a good day. Try on your bathing suit – they have a way of telling us things we don’t want to hear (but probably should). I’m now at -16 pounds, thanks to Weight Watchers. Another 100 and the suit will look much better.

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It’s been 20+ years…

Yesterday I packed up my baby and shipped her off to the Minnesota Quilters show for their juried exhibition. Haven’t done this in over 20 years. I found out it costs a whole lot more to enter shows now, and shipping has gone from $4 something to $21.56. YIKES!!!

Floral Star of Bethlehem… not holding my breath, but hoping for a little better than last place!
If you attend the show, could you please take a photo of it hanging for me?

Thanks! (And crossing fingers)

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