This is E6… Michelle’s Medley. There are 36 pieces in this block, and I’m glad I chose to paper piece it!
I had the day off work yesterday… had to go in for a medical test. It sure would be nice to have some of whatever it is they put in your IV to put you to sleep for ten minutes.
“OK Caron, night night…” ZONK
“Mrs. Mosey, time to go home!” HUH?
I felt relaxed all day… and got some sewing done, which was nice.
I have a four-day weekend coming up starting on Friday. Yippie! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July, wherever you may be!

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2 thoughts on “Medley

  1. Don’t you love those relaxed 4 day weekends. My whole life is 4 day weekends now I have “retired” to do what I love best – quilts of course!!Love your Floral Star of Bethlehem – it’s giving me ideaas of how to finish a large antique Star – only the star – that’s been hanging around my house too long.Thanks for haring with us all.Janet


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