Simple Blocks

I’m always impressed with what you can do with very simple quilt blocks. With a change of color, size and design, you can take something very basic and make something beautiful. The mid-80’s were my “Triangle Period.” I loved what you could do with a triangle. The possibilities were endless!

Lady of the Lake is a beautiful block made entirely out of half-square triangles. You can see two beautiful versions here. By taking the block and changing some colors, you can get gorgeous patterns. Play with it yourself using a coloring page found here.
I used this block as the background in a pictorial quilt that was included in my book “Contemporary Quilts From Traditional Designs.” The photos you see here are a sneak peek from that quilt, which will be going up for sale on Brookside Creations this weekend. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Simple Blocks

  1. Caron….you are too kind with your comments. You can move in if you agree to help with the housework….oh heck..who cares about the housework…we can just stay upstairs and sew and quilt the days away!!!! Thanks for stopping buy…you do beautiful work!!! I’m a quilting newbie. Infact…I have my very first finished quilt sitting by the door waiting to go to the quilters…YIPPEEEE!!!


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