Viewer’s Choice

This is I6-Viewer’s Choice from my Dear Sammy Jane quilt. I love doing applique. Dislike the tiny little “melons” in the corners. They are so small, considering this little block is 4 inches square. Ick.

I whipped up a little crib quilt last weekend. Very shortly, I will be tossing it onto my new Next Generation Frame and quilting it with my new Pfaff Grand Quilter. I’m a little nervous about doing that. Putting the sewing machine on the frame means I am back to sewing on my old Bernina Nova, and I love sewing on the new Pfaff. It runs like a charm, purrs like a kitten. I’ve been a hand quilter, and this is a scary move.

I played some more on with this photo of one of our day lilies. Here are two variations I came up with. Which do you like best?

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