Hey Mom, These Are Scary!

“Hey Mom, I spotted something else. Come see!”

“Stormie, you have to move. I can’t see what you’re looking at.”

“Is this better? What are these? Can I go get them?”

“No, Stormie. Those are insects of some kind. They have to stay outside, and you have to stay inside.”

“Can I swat at them from in here?”

Stormie, always doing her job to keep an eye on our world to protect us from the elements and beasts that go bump in the night.


Here are two last clues for the give away I first posted here. And then here. It has a theme… can you figure it out? Take a guess and post it in the comments. The person who comes closest will win… something related to the theme. If you think you know the theme, post your answer in the comments below this post. I will announce the winner on Saturday, September 6th, 2008.

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Sammy’s Crib Quilt

It was the first quilt sewn and quilted on my new machine and frame. Your basic squares, nothing fancy, but all girly fabrics. Pretty simple, because I didn’t know what the quilting would look like after my first experience on the frame.

Now that it’s finished… and washed to give it just the right amount of pucker…

I’m thinking…

NOT TOO BAD for a first try!

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Fiddly Blocks

This is my Dear Jane block G-7, Indianapolis. Sometimes when doing these blocks, you get one that is very “fiddly.” This is such a block, at least for me. Don’t look at the piecing… if you do, you’ll say, “Wow, she sure didn’t line up her seams very well.” I tried. Inbetween watching the Democratic Convention and taking a good powerwalk around the neighborhood, I fiddled this block to death. I would either kill it, or it would kill me.

I won. When it blends in with the rest of the blocks in the finished quilt, I don’t think you’ll even notice it.

Unless, of course, you are a member of the elite “Quilt Police.”

Please keep your thoughts to yourself.

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My favorite things


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of favorite things.
Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
Doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on thir wings
These are a few of my favorite things
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things!
When the dog bites, When the bee stings,
When I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don’t feel so bad
A few of MY favorite things… my needle box, given to me by Dean years ago.
My Grandma Ryan’s three-legged table from her house in Philadelphia.
My Great Grandpa Burton’s trunk that my dad gave me many years ago. It sat for quite a while in the attic of Dean’s shop until one year, he had it lovingly restored for me as a Christmas present. He even made a base for it to sit in, and it has a glass table top that fits the top so it can be used (if we want) as a coffee table. I love these favorite things!

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A "Two-fer Tuesday"

Tuesday. The second day of the week…
“On the second day of Creation, God made an expanse to divide “the waters from the waters” (Genesis 1:6).

Certainly nothing quite as awesome as that, but here on day two are two more Dear Jane blocks, finished this past Saturday and yesterday.

E 10: Five and Dime. If you remember the “five and dime” stores, you might be my age (or older). I used to love going to the one in downtown Flint, Michigan and the one in Durand. Lots of fun, lots to buy for very little money.

F3 – Snowball. A simple little block to paper piece or hand sew. I paper pieced mine with a fun fabric that Susan Moore (Australia) sent me. Love it!
Now, in Michigan it’s not very smart to make a brown snowball for obvious reasons. AND, schools frown on the throwing of snowballs, also for obvious reasons. But I love snow! And when I taught second grade, there was nothing more fun than playing in the snow with my class. I remember one day right at the end of lunch recess and a beautifully deep, fresh snowfall. Most of the students had gone inside, but the principal (a friend of mine) was still outside waiting for the last of the children to enter the building. someone threw a snowball and hit him right on the back. He looked shocked, and I scooped up a good, hefty ball of snow and threw it at the back of the little boy. He turned around and, very stunned, looked at me and said “Hey, why did you hit me with a snowball?” I replied, “Don’t you know we don’t throw snowballs at Gaines Elementary?” Two seconds later, the principal also scooped up a snowball and hefted it at me. I tossed one back. Then all of my class got involved, and we had the most fun five-minute snowball fest you’ve ever seen. There was SO much snow flying, and so much laughter I thought we would all wet our pants.
Later in that season, I took the same class to Crossroads Village outside of Flint. It’s a little village that was created to look like the old times, with historic buildings from the area that were moved to spare demolition and preserve their history. It was a beautiful snowy day, very cold, and we grew weary of waiting for the train to take us for a ride. One of the kids said “This is boring! There’s nothing to do.” I flopped down in the snow and started making a snow angel. Pretty soon, 25 kids were lined up along the platform making 25 angels. What a sight! Wish I had that photo!
The summer is drawing to a close. Hope this cooled you off. Pretty soon, the snow will be flying once again. Maybe I’ll make snow angels with Jacob!

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A Dear Jane Spotting at the Fenton Quilt Show


I went to the quilt show at the Fenton United Methodist Church (Michigan) today. I met my friend Susan who lives a ways away, and we had a wonderful time visiting the vendor’s booths and admiring all the beautiful quilts on display. There were quite a few quilts from the 1800’s and early 1900’s which is always fun to see. Most of the newer quilts were machine quilted, and a lot of talented long arm quilters were represented. A beautiful Dear Jane quilt by Donna Barnes was on display. Simply gorgeous!!! I couldn’t get far enough away to take a photo of the entire quilt straight on, but this gives you an idea of the beautiful work she has done. I love the black sashing between the blocks. It sets them off so nicely!

In working on my own Dear Jane (or Dear Sammy Jane, as I call it) I thought for sure I would hand quilt it. Now I’m not so sure! Donna’s quilt was stunning with machine quilting on it. Each block had the same quilting pattern over it,, and they were lovely. I tried to get a few blocks and tris to show Donna’s quilting off. So, so pretty!

The show was a beautiful exhibit of all kinds of quilts. Here are just a few of my favorites; click on the photos for a larger view.

We had a lovely lunch while we were there. The quilt show happens every other year… if you missed it this year, be sure to catch it next time ’round! It’s well worth the trip!

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How Many Houses do YOU Own?

This is a political commentary. I won’t be offended if you don’t read it and click on.

Somebody recently asked John McCain how many houses he had. He said, ‘I’m not sure, I’ll have to check with my staff,'” So he asked his staff and then said, ‘at least four.’ Four houses. Not two. Not three, but at LEAST four. And in my mind, I’m thinking how filthy stinking rich do you have to be to get to the point where you don’t know how many houses you have? I can count mine on one finger.
My husband and I work hard to try to make the house payment every month. I worked for four years as a Realtor in the State of Michigan, where in July 2008 we were ranked the 7th highest state in foreclosure filings. I’ve been inside newly foreclosed homes. I’ve talked to dozens of people who have recently lost their home. Two houses on my little street are in foreclosure. Foreclosure has touched my family. It’s an ugly beast that comes to steal your life away from you, and leaves you feeling down and out and so far behind the eight ball you think you’ll never bounce back. And John McCain doesn’t know how many houses he owns?!?! Give me a break!

I want a president who has had to work hard for every penny he or she owns. I want someone who knows what sweat equity is. Who has had to mow his own lawn and clean his own gutters because he didn’t have the money to pay someone else to do it. I want someone who has had to look hard and long at his check book to figure out just how to make the month’s mortgage payment happen. I want someone who isn’t so filthy stinking rich that he or she gets massive tax breaks “just because.” I don’t want someone with “at least four” houses to move into a big white house that my tax dollars helped pay for. By the way, to set the record straight, McCain actually owns 7 houses. One for each day of the week. I wonder if they have labels on them, like underwear?

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Hey Mom, What’re Those?

“Those are lotz bigger than the birdies, Mom.”

“Those are even bigger than the squirrels, Mom!”

“I don’t know, Stormie, let me look. Scoot over so I can see.”

“Hmmm… those are baby deer, Stormie! They’re eating our apples that fell off the tree!”

“Where’s their mommy, Mommy? Don’t they gotta have a mommy?”

I’m sure they do, Stormie. Just watch, she’ll probably come by.”

“When, Mommy, When? Can I go out and see them?”

“No, Stormie. You’re an indoor cat. You don’t go outside.” (Major pouting on the part of the cat…)

“Hey Stormie, there she is!!! Look! She was just over in the neighbor’s garden, eating their corn and tomatoes!”
Later that same day… in the quiet of the evening… Dear Jane block number I-8 “Pete’s Paintbox” is sewn. What a great day!

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I haven’t been doing much work on my Dear Jane blocks lately… but I HAVE been quilting! Here are the latest blocks I have finished. Top left: E7 Bread Basket, paper pieced (not perfect, but it is done). Next: G12- Gloriae, hand pieced and appliqued. I took artistic liberties with this one. If you compare it to the one in the Dear Jane book, you’ll see that the corners are different. I love the purple fabric, and wanted to see more of it got lazy. The last one is a little difficult to see the differences in the focus fabric and the background. It is block E8-Mamma’s Maze. It shows up much better in person than in the scan.
Why is it everytime I scan one of my blocks, it shows up with threads all over it, or I have forgotten to rinse out my blue fade-out lines? Oh well, at least you know I’m working!
Have a great week!

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Dear Jane on Facebook

Are you on Facebook? Facebook is a social utility on the Internet that connects you with the people around you. It can be as private or as public as YOU want it to be. It’s a great way to connect to people you know… and to meet new people who share ideas and hobbies with you.

I joined Facebook within the past month, and already I have connected with old friends, made new ones, and found some very exciting things I didn’t know were there.

There is a Dear Jane group on Facebook now. If you are a Dear Jane quilter, or have thought about starting your own Dear Jane quilt, please check it out. First, if you haven’t already, visit http://www.facebook.com/ and look around. Please sign up – it is absolutely free! Add my name (Caron Mosey) as a friend (and when you do so, in your message to me let me know that you read my blog). On the left side of your page are some options. Click on the Groups option. Then you will be taken to a page where you can do a search. Type in Dear Jane. When you see the Dear Jane quilt, click on that and sign up to be a member of that group. I think you’ll enjoy it!

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