Under The Weather (which has been beautiful, BTW)

Two weeks of my life have been consumed with health issues. Stupid, stupid insides!!! I spent part of this week in the local emergency room. I’m back home now, taking tons of medications which do all kinds of strange things to my body and my dreams. Five more days on them, then (hopefully) I’ll be done.

Before my illness kicked into high gear, I posted a giveaway question on this blog post. Nobody came close, so here’s another hint, left. It has a theme… can you figure it out? Take a guess and post it in the comments. The person who comes closest will win… something related to the theme.

I haven’t done much sewing on my Dear Jane quilt lately, just keeping up with the Block of the Week. I’m going through my list of “to do’s” and trying to be productive in getting those things done. I find a great sense of accomplishment comes when I can cross something off the list and move on.

Pardon me while I go take another pill and cross it off the list, too. Hope you have a happy, healthy weekend.

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