A "Two-fer Tuesday"

Tuesday. The second day of the week…
“On the second day of Creation, God made an expanse to divide “the waters from the waters” (Genesis 1:6).

Certainly nothing quite as awesome as that, but here on day two are two more Dear Jane blocks, finished this past Saturday and yesterday.

E 10: Five and Dime. If you remember the “five and dime” stores, you might be my age (or older). I used to love going to the one in downtown Flint, Michigan and the one in Durand. Lots of fun, lots to buy for very little money.

F3 – Snowball. A simple little block to paper piece or hand sew. I paper pieced mine with a fun fabric that Susan Moore (Australia) sent me. Love it!
Now, in Michigan it’s not very smart to make a brown snowball for obvious reasons. AND, schools frown on the throwing of snowballs, also for obvious reasons. But I love snow! And when I taught second grade, there was nothing more fun than playing in the snow with my class. I remember one day right at the end of lunch recess and a beautifully deep, fresh snowfall. Most of the students had gone inside, but the principal (a friend of mine) was still outside waiting for the last of the children to enter the building. someone threw a snowball and hit him right on the back. He looked shocked, and I scooped up a good, hefty ball of snow and threw it at the back of the little boy. He turned around and, very stunned, looked at me and said “Hey, why did you hit me with a snowball?” I replied, “Don’t you know we don’t throw snowballs at Gaines Elementary?” Two seconds later, the principal also scooped up a snowball and hefted it at me. I tossed one back. Then all of my class got involved, and we had the most fun five-minute snowball fest you’ve ever seen. There was SO much snow flying, and so much laughter I thought we would all wet our pants.
Later in that season, I took the same class to Crossroads Village outside of Flint. It’s a little village that was created to look like the old times, with historic buildings from the area that were moved to spare demolition and preserve their history. It was a beautiful snowy day, very cold, and we grew weary of waiting for the train to take us for a ride. One of the kids said “This is boring! There’s nothing to do.” I flopped down in the snow and started making a snow angel. Pretty soon, 25 kids were lined up along the platform making 25 angels. What a sight! Wish I had that photo!
The summer is drawing to a close. Hope this cooled you off. Pretty soon, the snow will be flying once again. Maybe I’ll make snow angels with Jacob!

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