Sammy’s Crib Quilt

It was the first quilt sewn and quilted on my new machine and frame. Your basic squares, nothing fancy, but all girly fabrics. Pretty simple, because I didn’t know what the quilting would look like after my first experience on the frame.

Now that it’s finished… and washed to give it just the right amount of pucker…

I’m thinking…

NOT TOO BAD for a first try!

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Fiddly Blocks

This is my Dear Jane block G-7, Indianapolis. Sometimes when doing these blocks, you get one that is very “fiddly.” This is such a block, at least for me. Don’t look at the piecing… if you do, you’ll say, “Wow, she sure didn’t line up her seams very well.” I tried. Inbetween watching the Democratic Convention and taking a good powerwalk around the neighborhood, I fiddled this block to death. I would either kill it, or it would kill me.

I won. When it blends in with the rest of the blocks in the finished quilt, I don’t think you’ll even notice it.

Unless, of course, you are a member of the elite “Quilt Police.”

Please keep your thoughts to yourself.

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