And The Winner Is…

About two and a half years ago, I got an urge to make a quilt in the “Japanese Taupe” style. I collected fabrics myself, and participated in a Birthday FQ Swap on the Delphi Quilting Arts Forum. I ended up with some authentic Japanese fabrics, and some wannabe’s. I filled in with more wannabe’s to come up with enough fabrics to put together this wall quilt called…
Paper Lanterns

I’ve been fascinated by paper lanterns. How do they keep from catching fire? They come in all colors now, but it used to be that I would only see them in white or lighter beige colors. Here are some that I found online… If you click here it will take you to the website of Shoji De’cor where you can find paper lanterns in wide variety of styles and colors.

I had a contest to see if anyone could come up with the theme for my newest quilt. I didn’t give too many clues – hey come on, you have to do SOME work to win a prize! Here’s a photo of the finished quilt top, “Paper Lanterns.” Can you see them? Photo to the left without the outer borders.

The contest winner is JoAnne who said…
“Is it something oriental?” That comes as close as anything! JoAnne, email your mailing address to me and I’ll put your prize in the mail!

I’ll post “Paper Lanterns” again after I have it quilted. Photo right shows the final borders on the finished quilt top.

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