Setting up quilt on Next Generation Frame

This post is for my friends on the Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter (Yahoo) group who are setting their quilt up for the first time on a Next Generation Frame (or something similar).

Hope this makes sense:

  1. I have my quilt top pinned to the leader on the quilt top rail with straight pins.
  2. I do the same thing with the backing and leader on that rail.
  3. I use the tube and groove to secure my batting in place.
  4. I then pull the backing up over the frame and secure it with pins to the take up rail.
  5. Next, I pull the batting up over the frame and lay it on top of the backing fabric. I make sure it is lined up straight about 1/2 inch down from where the backing and leader are pinned together. I DON’T pin the batting at this point.
  6. The next step is to pull the quilt top over the frame and smooth it over the top of the backing at about 1 inch down from where the batting is. I make sure it is on straight and line everything up square. I use straight pins at about every 3-4 inches perpendicular to the take up rail.
  7. I use my machine to run a line of stitching about 1/4 inch from the top of the quilt. This secures the three layers of the quilt sandwich together. The quick sketch here might help you understand. Click on it to enlarge it.

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