Thread vs. Gas

I love thread. I love colors. If you’re gonna be a quilter, you need to love both. If you’re gonna be a quilter, you NEED both! The problem comes when you have to decide between buying thread… or buying gas for the car. We all know how the price of gas has skyrocketed over the past few years. So has the cost of thread. Take the pretty green thread on my Pfaff. Ouch! This is the first large cone of thread I have ever purchased. $24.95 for ONE CONE. Ouch! I better be doing lots of quilts that need this thread.
The zippered bag you see in the next photo holds about half of my thread collection. Now, some people might look at this bag and think/say “Wow, that’s a lot of thread!” No, actually, it isn’t. Not when you think of all the possible colors in the world. A painter has the ability to mix colors to achieve the specific hue that is needed. A quilter and fiber artist can’t do that with thread. It is what it is.
For hand sewing, I love Mettler. That’s what you see in this bag. If you know me well, you know I love chocolate. If you are trying to get on my good side and are thinking, “I’ll bet Caron would love a piece of chocolate,” think again. Caron would love another color thread. I’m low on browns. Reds. Pinks. Oranges. Yellows. Oh heck, any color will do just fine, thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Thread vs. Gas

  1. I know just what you mean LOL!Thread makes a marvelous gift. A couple Christmases ago I sent in a large order for DMC embroidery thread to fill out my collection. When the box came I just handed it to my husband and told him I’d done his Christmas shopping for him. He’s used to this sort of thing – I’ve done it for quite a few years now LOL!Collecting thread has become a side interest caused by getting the longarm – never would have suspected it. But now I want every color of every thread. And you are right – it is SO expensive! I don’t think I’ll ever give up longarming for others completely as long as it allows me to buy my thread wholesale. It’s so much fun picking new colors.


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