Hey Dad, Look!

“Hey Dad, look out the window!”

“What, Stormie!”
“Look Dad, the baby deer are back with their mommy! Get the camera!”

“Take my picture with the deer, Dad!”

“Stormie, I can’t take your picture with the deer. They are outside, you are in.”

“But Dad, Mom always takes my picture WITH the animals that come to visit me!”

“Stormie, if I stop to take your picture, the deer will leave before I get their picture.”

“Dad, you just don’t get it! You can take all of us in one picture! Mom can do it!”

“Stormie, Mom is at work. Now let me take their picture.”

“Okay, but Mom is going to be REALLY mad at you, Dad. I’m supposed to be in every picture with other animals. Bugs, too. It’s MY house!”
“Ahhhh, I see. You own the house?”
“Mom thinks so.”