I’ve been tagged by my friend Elly!

Oh geesh, I’ve been tagged. That hasn’t happened in SO long!!! Thanks, Elly!

Here are the rules for being tagged:
1. Link to the person who tagged you. OK, I did that. Click on Elly’s name above.
2. Put the rules on the blog. Did that too! You are reading them.
3. Write 6 random things about yourself. See the list below.
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6 Random things about me:

1) I’d love to live in Montana, on the side of a mountain overlooking a stream. Lots of beauty and quiet.
2) I hate shopping. Yes, people, there is one girl in the world who doesn’t like to shop.
(Shopping for fabric does not count!)
3) I was adopted at 4 months old and have 5 biological half-siblings, 4 of which I have met. I am the oldest. When I was 8, my brother Bob was born. He was a pleasant surprise!
4) I have never been to Florida, and have no desire to visit due to the heat and humidity. This is a rare claim if you are from Michigan.
5) I attended the National Music Camp at Interlochen, Michigan for two summers in high school as a vocal music major.
6) I have never been able to do a single pushup. Ever. My flabby “grandma arms” are a testiment to that.

I am tagging the following people, friends from up close and far away. I love how the Internet can connect you to people you would probably otherwise never meet. Please visit their blogs and tell them Caron sent you. Check out their GREAT quilts and writing!

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