owl on our tummy

Jake and Samantha spent the weekend at our house. We had a GREAT time! We played, went to the Harvest Festival in downtown Flushing, read books, did a lot of sleeping (which was a good thing for Grammy), and went for McDonalds.

I’m not fast enough with the camera to grab a smile from Sammy, but I was able to photograph her technique for overcoming sore gums due to teething. She spent most of the weekend sticking her tongue out.

After a morning bath today, we got on our fresh diaper, and I pulled out a purple outfit from her suitcase for her to wear home. To my surprise, it had an OWL on the front. I love owls… wonder if that was planned or just a coincidence?

I sewed another Dear Jane block (E-9 Quilt Jail) when we returned home; but now I need something to do that doesn’t require movement or a brain. The television will probably get turned on… I’m exhausted!
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