owl on our tummy

Jake and Samantha spent the weekend at our house. We had a GREAT time! We played, went to the Harvest Festival in downtown Flushing, read books, did a lot of sleeping (which was a good thing for Grammy), and went for McDonalds.

I’m not fast enough with the camera to grab a smile from Sammy, but I was able to photograph her technique for overcoming sore gums due to teething. She spent most of the weekend sticking her tongue out.

After a morning bath today, we got on our fresh diaper, and I pulled out a purple outfit from her suitcase for her to wear home. To my surprise, it had an OWL on the front. I love owls… wonder if that was planned or just a coincidence?

I sewed another Dear Jane block (E-9 Quilt Jail) when we returned home; but now I need something to do that doesn’t require movement or a brain. The television will probably get turned on… I’m exhausted!
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5 thoughts on “owl on our tummy

  1. Block E9 – I haven’t made this one yet, but you used a very interesting fabric here. Nice work. I still have yet to pick that project up. Sigh…living the joy of those blocks through your blog will have to do for now.


  2. Love the photos of the baby, but REALLY love the photos of the new block. How terrific to use a large scale image in the Background. Are the lattices appliqued on?Or are they 1/2 inch wide?Details, please…..


  3. Judy, I tried to email you in response to your comment, but had no way to reach you. Hope you see this!The large scale image in the background were from one little piece of fabric from a nickel swap. I love how it turned out. the lattices are 1/4 inch, and it was all pieced. I had JUST ENOUGH of the pink fabric to pull it off.


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