Circles – It’s About Time!

1988. That’s the year this quilt top was pieced. It says so in one of the corners in pastel embroidery. I guess it’s time to get it quilted! It isn’t hugs… 66 inches square. I didn’t make it all… several of the blocks were made by other quilters around the country, but I don’t know their names anymore. My intent was to create a book of circle block patterns, and this was to be incorporated into the book. If you recognize one of the blocks as yours, PLEASE contact me! I sewed all the blocks together and added the border in bright yellow, marked the quilt, then put it away for future quilting. I marked it in pencil!!! What was I thinking?!?!? So, it’s ready to go, and I am longing to hand quilt something, so here goes.
Here are the individual blocks before quilting:

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