Sensational Sunday

M4-Stepping Stones

What a glorious October Sunday!!! It’s been warm and sunny this weekend. After going to church this morning, we came home and changed our clothes and went for a drive to see the beautiful changing colors of fall. We drove out to a smaller town through the country, stopped at McDonalds and grabbed a bag of lunch to take with us. Then we went to a small park and sat on the observation deck overlooking the river. It was SO beautiful! I always like to imagine an old birchbark canoe coming through the water… this area was all native american land 150 years ago. More driving and admiring the beauty and then we headed home to get some work done. Dean worked in the yard, and I spent almost TWO hours doing this little fiddly block. I had to paper piece it, and it has 44 pieces in it! The block is M4- Stepping Stones.
Hope your day has been as beautiful as mine!

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