Thank You For Commenting

I like to contact people who visit my blog… I love it when you leave comments. It’s wonderful to converse and share ideas with other quilters and friends. Sadly, quite often I can’t do so because there is no method available for contacting you.

Please make sure you enable your posting of comment to allow me to respond. In your Blogger settings, you do this by going to the Dashboard and clicking on View Profile, then Edit Profile. Make sure there is a check in the box where it says “Share my profile.” Make sure that you have filled in the spot that says
“Homepage URL.” It’s helpful if you check the box that says “Show my email address,” but some people are afraid to do that in fear of getting more spam. A way around it is to list your email address in the sidebar in a way that spammers won’t be easily able to grab it. By listing your email as your_name at domain dot com (example: caronmosey at gmail dot com) is a good way to do that.

I’d love to contact you… to say thank for visiting!

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