Deer and Democracy in America

Four deer tonight, polishing up the apples from our tree. The wind blew a lot of them down last night, so they had a real feast this morning and this evening. You can’t see her, but the mom with a broken leg is hiding behind the apple tree. Sure wish I could help her!

Campbell Brown, a journalist with CNN, posted a commentary today that kind of set my teeth to grinding. So what if Obama were a Muslim or an Arab? I would definately not call myself a racist, and I think if you’ve been reading my blog regularly, you know that I plan to vote for Obama, who is, by the way, Christian. That’s my personal opinion, and you have yours, which I respect. But I AM a Christian, and I grew up with the belief that our country was founded on Christian principles. I know many marvelous people from all over the world, of different races, nationalities and religions. I don’t try and push my religion on anyone, but if they ask and open the door to discussion, I will happily let them know that Jesus died to save my sins, and I believe in God.

I am confused. I feel “social studies challenged.” I taught elementary school, and not once did I ever read anything that led me to believe that our forefathers were anything BUT Christian. I realize that one of our many freedoms is the freedom of religion, and for that I am grateful. You can be Muslim, Jewish, Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalien, Buddhisy, Islamic, Hinduistic, Lutheran, and the list goes on and on. But statistics show that 76.5 – 78.5% of adults in America identify themselves as Christians. It doesn’t make sense to me that we would have anything OTHER than a Christian as our President. The Quakers established the state of Pennsylvania. Roman Catholics settled Maryland. Massachusetts Bay Colony was settled by the Puritans. I could keep going, but I won’t.

Reading a quick article in Wikipedia, Article Six of the United States Constitution provides that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States”. That may be, but I am still confused.

So what else is new?

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