Deer and Democracy in America

Four deer tonight, polishing up the apples from our tree. The wind blew a lot of them down last night, so they had a real feast this morning and this evening. You can’t see her, but the mom with a broken leg is hiding behind the apple tree. Sure wish I could help her!

Campbell Brown, a journalist with CNN, posted a commentary today that kind of set my teeth to grinding. So what if Obama were a Muslim or an Arab? I would definately not call myself a racist, and I think if you’ve been reading my blog regularly, you know that I plan to vote for Obama, who is, by the way, Christian. That’s my personal opinion, and you have yours, which I respect. But I AM a Christian, and I grew up with the belief that our country was founded on Christian principles. I know many marvelous people from all over the world, of different races, nationalities and religions. I don’t try and push my religion on anyone, but if they ask and open the door to discussion, I will happily let them know that Jesus died to save my sins, and I believe in God.

I am confused. I feel “social studies challenged.” I taught elementary school, and not once did I ever read anything that led me to believe that our forefathers were anything BUT Christian. I realize that one of our many freedoms is the freedom of religion, and for that I am grateful. You can be Muslim, Jewish, Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalien, Buddhisy, Islamic, Hinduistic, Lutheran, and the list goes on and on. But statistics show that 76.5 – 78.5% of adults in America identify themselves as Christians. It doesn’t make sense to me that we would have anything OTHER than a Christian as our President. The Quakers established the state of Pennsylvania. Roman Catholics settled Maryland. Massachusetts Bay Colony was settled by the Puritans. I could keep going, but I won’t.

Reading a quick article in Wikipedia, Article Six of the United States Constitution provides that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States”. That may be, but I am still confused.

So what else is new?

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One thought on “Deer and Democracy in America

  1. aauuhh poor deer……. i hear what you are saying…..i will be sooo glad when this election is over…I’m exhausted with it all.i’m sure glad you came over and played our tuesday question game…..i may explain the reason for the question in the future.


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