The Colors of Fall

I love fall. It’s my favorite season. In Michigan, you never know if the colors are going to be good; it depends on the weather. This year, the weather has cooperated, and colors are gorgeous, as you can see from these beautiful pictures of our yard that Dean took yesterday.

The first photo is looking out at our pond. It’s in our little fenced-in side yard. This time of year, the pond area really needs cleaning up. Looks a little scraggly.

The second pic is looking out over the naturalized portion of our back yard. We live in a subdivision on the very edge of town. We were the first to build here, and because of the beauty behind us, we chose to keep a portion of our yard natural. We like the wildlife, birds, our deer, etc. So we only have grass around the house out back. This picture shows why. It’s beautiful!!!
The third pic shows our pergola that Dean built some years ago, and our bird garden to the right of it. We get a LOT of birds, and this is where we have most of our feeders and our backyard birdbath. We can watch the birds from our windows and our deck (that you see peeking out of the left corner of the picture).
The fourth photo shows the very back of our yard, looking down the “deer trail” that goes down the hill to the creek. We own all of that, too. We call it “the flats.” It’s a pretty steep, narrow trail and the deer use it to go up and down the hill. They like to come up and eat the apples that fall from our ancient apple tree. Colors down there have just started to turn!
Here’s a quilt I made some years ago based on the colors of fall. You can’t see the small triangles, but there are different greens, golds, blues, rusts…
Fall is definately a big part of my color wheel no matter WHAT season we’re in.
Hope you are enjoying a beautiful fall, wherever you might be.

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