The Truth, Revealed

I visited Amanda Jean’s blog this morning while I drank my first cup of coffee. This is part of my morning ritual… coffee, read quilters’ blogs. Amanda Jean’s was the first blog entry I happened upon. I looked at it, read it, scratched my head, thought about it, read a few more blogs, then came back to hers. I was baffled. I still am. Before I go any further, please go read her blog entry so my story will make sense to you.

I will wait.

OK. I think by now you have looked at Amanda Jean’s “Stash.”

Amanda Jean makes some very beautiful quilts. She’s a talented lady!

But, in all honesty, (and I love you Amanda Jean), Amanda Jean could make many more quilts if she wasn’t so obsessive about folding her stash into neatly arranged 5 by 5 squares. I thought about this for a long while… ok, maybe only five minutes… but the question that popped into my mind is this:

Do most quilters spend so much freaking time

folding their stash into neat little squares?

It may be that I need a psychiatrist who can help me analyze my sewing area and habits and help me grow into a better, more “normal” quilter. Perhaps. So I’m asking my blog-o-sphere quilting friends to give me some honest feedback.

Your comments will be read without any negative reactions. (Yeah, right). On the first day of November, I will send a small part of my stash to a “randomly selected quilter” who has been brave enough to respond. Yes, this is a FREE GIVEAWAY. I will use a number generator to determine the “winner.” That person will receive “some stash.” It could be a little, it could be a lot. It will probably not be pressed or folded. But then, there is a chance that it will.

So, here is the state of MY stash. Please click on the photos to open them up and see the real, raw honesty portrayed here. Keep in mind, the sun is STILL not up, and I am on my second cup of coffee.

First, a view of my Quilting Studio.

OK, it’s the basement. There are no walls containing the studio. I call it “free range quilting.”

My stash is kept in several different places. We’ll say it “oozes” from one spot to the other. But in my defense, I know (mostly) where my stash is, and can find it in a moment’s notice after much digging and swearing. I’ll let you enlarge the photos and look around. If you can find the purple paisley fabric I bought recently, please let me know where it is. I want to use it.

Just so you know that this system of stash storage works (kinda), here is the little Dear Jane block I finished yesterday. It is F 7 – Star Struck, free at last.

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