We Have a Stash Winner!

On October 19th, I posted about the organization (disorganization) of my stash here. I offered to send some of my stash to the winner…

“On the first day of November, I will send a small part of my stash to a “randomly selected quilter” who has been brave enough to respond. Yes, this is a FREE GIVEAWAY. I will use a number generator to determine the “winner.” That person will receive “some stash.” It could be a little, it could be a lot. It will probably not be pressed or folded. But then, there is a chance that it will.”

So, this being November 1st, I used a random number generator that I found here . I had 23 comments posted, and the random number generator kicked out #12. That person is Pam . Comment #9 was mine, so I didn’t count that one. I skipped over it. Pam states that her stash used to be kept very similarly to mine, but she now uses the 6 inch ruler method to keep her stash in check… so I guess there is hope for me. Probably not, but maybe. So Pam, be prepared to receive and fold some stash. I will email you for your address.

Here’s what your new stash looks like leaving my house. Maybe you can post how it looks as you join it with YOUR stash so we can all learn something? (Just a thought…)

I encourage everyone to visit Pam’s website. If you leave her a comment, please tell her Caron sent you!

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