Thanksgiving is Coming!

In America, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the 27th of November this year. That date is sneaking up fast!

I am so thankful to all of the people who read my blog on a regular basis. The friendships I have made are so precious to me. If you comment on one of my posts, rest assured I ALWAYS go visit your blog to see what is new in your life. Many of your blogs are a part of my daily “blog read with coffee.” And if you skip posting for awhile, I miss you!

I wish I had enough of these to share with everyone, but one reader will receive a copy of my book “Contemporary Quilts From Traditional Designs.” There are only two things that you need to do to be included in the fun:

1) Post a link to my blog on your blog. It should look something like this:

Visit Caron Mosey: Michigan Quilts to participate in a Thanksgiving drawing for a FREE copy of Contemporary Quilts From Traditional Designs.

You can download the quilt photo (above) by right clicking on it, or by using this link: CaronMoseyQuiltsm.jpg

The link to my blog is: .

2) Post a comment on my blog that tells THREE things you are MOST thankful for related to quilting.

That’s it! It’s that easy! I will draw a random winner from the list of people who have participated on November 28th and mail your FREE book off to you as soon as you send me your snail mail address.

Once again, thank you SO much for visiting Caron Mosey: Michigan Quilts!

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12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is Coming!

  1. 1. Community. Quilting brings many of diverse backgrounds, experiences and opinions together in one common interest.2. Quiet. The world is too loud. While not all parts of the quiltmaking process are quiet, the majority of it is. And that’s a good thing.3. Tradition. Quilting has a deep sense of tradition. Even as quilting takes off in new and exciting ways, it will always remain rooted in tradition.


  2. I’ll jump in a nd give it a try. Three things I am thankful for.1. a creative outlet2. giving quilts as gifts3. enjoying seeing others use and like my quilts.


  3. Three things I’m thankful for (quilting related):1 – spending time with quilty friends last night at a Sally Collins lecture – she was awesome.2 – rotary cutters3 – quiet time in my sewing room.


  4. Thanks for this wonderful giveway… you are so generous! 🙂I am quite new to this patchwork and quilting world but I feel absolutely crazy about it and wonder how it is I never started before… Ok three things I am absolutely thankful related to quilting:1. getting to know so many incredible people that shares this same hobby and enthusiasm and makes me believe in friendship that crossed all borders.2. a way to relax after a hard day at work, needle and a bit of music is the best for my stress3. creativity is a must, I though I had lost it until I started stichting :))Thanks for the giveway, and for getting to know your blog, I will visit it often!Love from Spain


  5. Only 3 things?!?? LOL1 – I love to make home made gifties, for family and friends.2 – EVERYONE loves to receive home made quilts, right? *grin*3 – Creativity. If I DO decide to follow a pattern, in a book or magazine… you can be SURE that I don’t have the same fabric….4 – It’s my own little corner of the world, where I de-stress.5 – With the internet, I’ve met SOOO many wonderful (quilting) friends! I’ve been on the net for years and I’ve never had so much fun! *grin*6 – I’m proud of what I make/create.7 – I feel a closeness to BOTH my grandmothers… who are no longer around, but were BOTH quilters. *s*8 – Even when I’m NOT quilting, the hamster wheel, in my head… is still spinning round and round and you can be SURE that I’m dreaming about quilting.9 – I LOVE to hand piece or “quilt” a quilt, while watching television, in the evening.10 – I LOVE to make wall hangings and put them, here and there… either at work or at home.Okay…. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll stop here. *VBG*Rosa RobichaudSaint John, New BrunswickCanadarobich@rogers.comP.S. HEY!!! I didn’t know that you had a book published?!?? What a surprise! *grin*


  6. The three things I’m most thankful for that are related to quilting are:1) The great feeling of comfort I get when I snuggle under a quilt I made myself.2) All the great benefits I get when I quilt, the serenity, the feeling of accomplishment, the stimulus of a challenge.3) The smile and warm feelings I get when I give away a quilt and later see, and hear how much comfort and enjoyment it gives to the recipient


  7. Ah… now.. 3 things to be thankful relating to quilting1)All the wonderful like minded friends I’ve met. I love and enjoy the social aspects of quilting. I can talk quilting but not football.2)A great way to use up all the wonderful fabric around3)A creative outlet – a bit like painting, singing, dancing… except I can quilt4)OOOps only need 3… :)) Have I done my bit right on my blog?Oh it was great seeing your old pictures and beautiful first quilts… gorgeous.HugsElly


  8. Three things I’m most thankful for that are related to quilting include:1. I have two quilts, made by each of my grandmothers.2. I have been blessed with wonderful friendships with other quilters.3. I am passing on a tradition to my daughter. She is only 15 and has already completed her first quilt!


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