Works in Progress: Circles and Squares

I love hand quilting, and I think there should always be a quilt in the hoop to work on when the mood strikes. Since I haven’t been feeling well over the last week, I’ve found more time to just sit and stitch on my “Circles” quilt. It’s been good therapy. Here’s a sneak peek. You can see I’m coming along nicely!

Circles Quilt

Squares Quilt

I’ve also managed to make it to the basement a little to add more rows to the blue and brown “Squares” quilt. I think I’m at 6 by 8 now. I want to have a total of 9 by 11 plus a simple border. So more blocks to sew in my future!
I love the fabrics!!!

What have YOU been working on? Share it with us!

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7 thoughts on “Works in Progress: Circles and Squares

  1. I am not a huge fan of hand quilting. I have had one on the frame for over two years and it’s still not done. Yesterday I took it off the frame and will try with a hoop. Maybe I’ll be more encouraged that way.


  2. Caron, your hand quilting is gorgeous. I love doing it as well though I am slower than slow. Think having the computer right near the work light might be part of the trouble?Did you learn to quilt from Ami? I have her little blue book near my work area and still need a refresher every now and again. What a hoot to see the picture from years ago!


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