Down Memory Lane

I did a little cleaning and sorting in the basement today. While doing so, I came across an old box of magazines and papers from WAY back. Too funny! But there were a lot of photos and clippings that are to great NOT to share. So here goes.

First, this is me back in 1983-84ish in our first house. The living room was tiny, and I managed to cram a quilting frame in it.

This two-tone quilt, called “Wheel of Mystery – Nashville,” was made in 1982. I ran out of the light fabric and bought something I THOUGHT was it, only to find out the first time I washed the quilt that it was NOT the right fabric. A lesson that will always stick with me! This quilt was featured in the March/April 1983 issue of Quilt World, page 46. It was also entered in the Great Smoky Mountain show in 83, where it got an honorable mention.

The next quilt has already been shown on this blog, but here is a better photo of it, taken for Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine’s July/August 1984 issue (page 6). The quilt was made for my dad’s retirement, and is called “From The Woods to the Water.” It is hand quilted.

I had forgotten about the next photo. The American Quilter’s Society started publishing their Quilt Art Engagement Calendar at the same time they published my first book. They included the cover quilt from America’s Pictorial Quilts in the calendar. This photo is a montage of photos from the calendar.

The next picture is too funny not to share. Can you guess who these people are? L to R: Loren Mosey (my youngest), me, doll, Ami Simms, doll, and Mary Andrews. This photo was one of several taken by Randy Edmonds of the Flint Journal in a photo shoot on Nov. 14, 1983. Ami and I sponsored an annual quilting show at the Genesee Valley Center in Flint, Michigan, and Randy took photos for a newspaper artice on the show. Too funny! You can see I got REALLY dressed up for the event! (P.S. Don’t tell Ami I showed you this!)

More later… this is fun!

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2 thoughts on “Down Memory Lane

  1. I feel like I must know you. We both live in Michigan so maybe we are neighbors. Oh well, I read back quite a few pages in your blog. Nice place you have here! Do you live near Jamie Wallen’s in Kalamazoo? We have a meeting scheduled for January if you are interested.Diana Wilson


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