A Weekend Wedding

hearts We had a blast at a wedding and reception this weekend.  Mike Roman and Jennifer Grabowski were married at our church (Flushing United Methodist).  It was the first contemporary-style wedding at the church, with our praise band playing the music.  Our pastor Jeff plays guitar, so he was kept very busy!  It was an awesome service.

The reception was in Frankenmuth at the Bavarian Inn, and the place was decorated so beautifully!  Mike and Jennifer did a fantastic job organizing everything, right down to the little details.  I think this was the nicest wedding I’ve ever been to!

I don’t think my mother-in-law likes holidays anymore.  Last year, a few days before Christmas she fell and broke her pelvis.  Yesterday, she fell and broke her wrist.  GEESH!  I think we need to keep her in a padded room from now on. 

One thought on “A Weekend Wedding

  1. Terrible when things like that happen… I quilt with a few gals like that. Always end up with something just before a holiday event… Years ago, for a few years, my mother ended up doing something to herself ON a holiday, and would end up at emergency for stitches… Electric knife, wine glass break while washing, those kinds of things…Let hope that this coming Christmas is damage free, for all…. 😎


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