It’s coming!

Ahhhh, Turkey Day! The smell of cooking turkey, stuffing, potatoes, acorn squash… the setting of the table, anticipation of good food and time spent with relatives. I love Thanksgiving.

I especially love pumpkin pie with “dilly whip” (that’s what my family calls Cool Whip or whip cream). You see, as much as we love pumpkin pie, the pumpkin pie just serves as a medium for eating a ton of “dilly whip.” We eat mounds of it on Thanksgiving. I should just buy everyone their own container of Cool Whip and put that in front of them on Thanksgiving. Hmmmm. Maybe?

Another special treat we have is “cranberry sauce shaped like a can.” It’s a gourmet thing at our house. Maybe I should make a tutorial on this so you can share the fun!

Our bird is thawing… actually, we’re going to have one in the oven and one on the grill outside. Yummy!

What special things do you have for Thanksgiving?

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