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With the addition of these two Dear Jane blocks, my “Dear Sammy Jane” quilt looks like this:


I started this quilt on Dec. 26th, 2007, so I am now at just over 2 blocks per week. Not too bad! I’ve enjoyed working on the quilt because it has offered me several challenges:

  • Personal need to focus and stay dedicated on one project
  • Chance to try some techniques I either haven’t used or need to improve upon
  • Working on a smaller scale than I usually do. Each block is only 4.5 inches square!

There have been times when I’ve actually screamed when a block won’t cooperate with me. I’ve ripped a few apart and started over, and one of the corners I have given up on for awhile, as after two tries, it still comes out way too big. I’ll get back to it after a little more practice. I keep looking at it, talking to it, and trying to determine just what it needs to be happy.

Quilting is a lot like relationships.

Sometimes things work just fine. They take little effort, and they just seem to come together. Other times, they take a lot of patience; more patience than you think you have. They sometimes require you to look at the situation differently, come up with several possibilities and determine the best solution for the problem. Sometimes in your relationship/quilting you just need to sit quietly and meditate. Other times, you need to get physical and use some energy. (Seriously, have you ever wrestled a quilt? I have!) I’m finding my Dear Sammy Jane quilt to fit all of the above.

Speaking of screaming…

The WiFi on my laptop is still not working. I’ve spent way too much time trying to fix it. HP said they’d take care of it for me, free of charge, but I need to ship the computer to them. It means that they will replace the WiFi unit, REFORMAT the computer back to factory condition, and send it back to me. I don’t know about you, but I’m never happy when someone reformats my computer. All the goodies I have put on it go bye-bye. All the settings I’ve labored over go kaput. It means reinstalling software like my Dear Jane program, among others. Nope, I don’t like it one bit.

So, being the smart person I thought I was, I said to myself, “Why couldn’t I just go buy an external WiFi card myself and be in business without all that reformatting stuff?” So I bought one. Spent two hours trying to get it to work. Nope. It didn’t. So I boxed up the laptop in the box that HP sent me, and it is now in the hands of FedEX. I am hoping that Best Buy will refund my purchase when I take the external WiFi back. I am worrying about my laptop being out of my possession. Please pray for me and my baby! And stay tuned… I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

I think I need to go do some hand quilting. It is the only thing that really relaxes me.

A glass of wine might help, too.

Hope your computing day is going better than mine!

5 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Caron sorry to hear your computer is still not up and running and that you had to ship it off! Usually my DH can fix the computers for us when the aren’t working – lucky for us – although he is usually cussing a little while he is at it 🙂 Like looking at your DJ squares, I got one of mine done today as well. When they turn out a little big I just trim them down! I’m not going to stress out about it.Karen


  2. We’ve sure become dependent on our computers when it comes to quilting and staying in touch with our quilting friends, haven’t we! Our foremothers would be astounded to see how quilters exchange ideas and communicate these days. And when our computer goes to the hospital it’s almost as bad as when our machine goes – we feel like we have lost one of our children!


  3. Two blocks a week sounds great to me! I wish I could say as much for my output! Yes, computers are a headache. When I had my son around I felt much more secure about computer usage. Now if I mess something up I have to call friends and apologize back and forth.


  4. I really like your Dear Sammy Jane quilt the colors are lovely. I also enjoyed your analogy about quilting relationships. It is so true. I hope to see more updates on your Jane.


  5. What great progress. And your work is beautiful.I’m fighting starting this project. On one hand, I don’t want to commit to anything this big. I usually don’t do anything so many people are doing. However, there are so many techniques that I haven’t even tried. What a great learning experience this would be.Sigh. I think it’s going to haunt me until I at least do a few of the blocks.Thank you for sharing your work. It’s great inspiration.Darilyn


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