Here’s To HP! They are AWESOME!


Last week I posted about my struggle with my laptop computer, and needing the WiFi fixed.  I ended up having to send it to HP for repairs.  HP is in Tennessee, and I sent it on Thursday.   Last week.  They paid for shipping. 

Yesterday morning, I checked my email at work and there was an email from HP telling me that my laptop had been shipped and would be delivered that day… which was Monday.  MONDAY!  I knew that I would need to sign for it when it was delivered by FedEx, and that there would be nobody home to sign.   What to do?

Around lunchtime, I was (at work) walking by the front desk and the FedEx guy comes in with a delivery.  So I thought, no harm in asking!   “Hey FedEx guy!  I’m supposed to get a special delivery today at home, but there’s nobody there to sign for it!”

“Where do you live?”  the FedEx guy asked.

“Brookside Drive,” I said.

“Hmmmmm, I was just over that way.  I’ll go check my truck, you go get some ID and I’ll meet you here.”

Two minutes later, I was holding the box with my FIXED laptop in it.  FIXED!!! And they didn’t even return the laptop to factory condition!  A new system board, a new fan, new power cord, new cable, pickup and delivery, all from Thursday to Monday.   WOW!   I am impressed!

Don’t ever hesitate to get a HP.  They were great to work with!

7 thoughts on “Here’s To HP! They are AWESOME!

  1. Many years ago, I decided to stop complaining about lousy products and service. My complaints to painters, plumbers, etc. did nothing but raise my blood pressure. Now, I make phone calls, write letters and give substantial tips for outstanding service. Not only do I make fewer phone calls, etc. but I feel good passing a compliment to management when a job is well done. BRAVO to you for writing about your good experiences with HP and UPS.


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