Blog List Updates

Over the next week I am going to focus some of my blogging time on fine-tuning my blog list (right side of my blog).  My list has over 100 blogs on it that I read through my Google Reader.  Some of these blogs that are listed are rarely updated and will be removed.  I am also ashamed that I don’t add to the list when I have regular readers of my blog.  Each time you add a comment to my blog, I visit YOUR blog if it is new to me.  When I read your blog a few times, I SHOULD be adding it to my own list.   If I haven’t done that, please accept my apology and know that I will be doing so soon.

Consider this kind of like Spring Cleaning.  It’s what should be done regularly, but often gets forgotten or pushed aside in the hustle and bustle of life.


I’d also like to add a request… Please go visit the blog Dear Baby Jane, and if you feel so moved, please lend her your support.  As regular bloggers, we hope to give our readers help and assistance, lots of good photos to look at, and some good reading.  It’s terrible when bloggers get attacked.


I’m on my way out to shovel a foot of snow.  Until later, stay warm!


4 thoughts on “Blog List Updates

  1. Hi! I like your blog- how you have it set up. (I just started one today.) Mostly it will be about my quilting as it (hopefully) becomes better. I live in Michigan also- the Upper Part, about an hour north of Green Bay. (We actually just reurned from Green Bay and we saw a Green Bay Packer at Target tonight! Too cool! I guess they need toilet paper, too.)There are some AMAZING quilters in my town, but I am not involved in the guild (yet). I have 2 young kids and I don’t have much spare time, but someday…Anyway, noticed you were another Michgander who quilts and wanted to say “hi!”.


  2. I need to clean up some of my blogroll also and my bookmarks! Sometimes I just keep bookmarking sites especially thinking I will get back later to look and never get around to it. I know you all in the north have a ton of snow – we don’t have the snow but we have the cold that y’all sent our way – woke up to 20 degrees! Too chilly for me here in Arkansas.Karen


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