"Simply Squarific"

Here is the quilt I have been working on for several months, on and off.  It’s called “Simply Squarific,” and it’s for Loren and Margaret for Christmas, to perfectly fit their FULL-size bed.  Oops.   They just went out and bought a KING-size bed.  Somebody needs a kick in the rumpus when they get here!

Merry Christmas Loren and Margaret!  “Simply Squarific”
Close-up of the quilting design
See how nicely it fits on a FULL-size bed?


The quilt was made with mostly batik fabrics, plus some others tossed in to add color and fill.  Sure do hope they like it!!!

I asked Margaret late last summer what her favorite color was and she said BLUE.  Not knowing what shade of blue she prefers, I mixed them up.  Toss in some gold and browns to add that “manly” element and there you are!  It actually took me longer to quilt this than it did to sew the top together.  Very easy, straight piecing for a quick quilt.  It’s also the largest quilt I have done on my new Pfaff Grand Quilter.  I think I’m getting the hang of it! 

What do you do…

When you make someone a quilt for their full-size bed…

To give to them for a holiday gift…

And they go out without your knowledge…

And buy a King size bed?



Therein lies the question I am pondering this night.

I will post a photo of the quilt tomorrow after the recipients are safely on the road to our house (and away from their computer).

HEAVY SIGH.   I need to go sleep.