What do you do…

When you make someone a quilt for their full-size bed…

To give to them for a holiday gift…

And they go out without your knowledge…

And buy a King size bed?



Therein lies the question I am pondering this night.

I will post a photo of the quilt tomorrow after the recipients are safely on the road to our house (and away from their computer).

HEAVY SIGH.   I need to go sleep.

5 thoughts on “What do you do…

  1. Oh Caron that stinks! Maybe they can just fold it in half and lay it over the end of their bed for an extra quilt if needed – but yes you made it to display over the whole bed.My web page is down again, hubby is working on it – been having a lot of trouble with it lately.Karen


  2. Give it to them, anyhow. Let THEM decide what to do with it. *grin*I gave away 2 quilts away and within a year or 2, both people upgraded to the next size. *sigh*Mom and Dad still use it for their day time nappies – as it is flannel and they LOVE flannel. It’s folded, at the end of their bed.My sister? I have no idea. But they were made with love and given in love.Rosa


  3. I like to use a smaller quilt on the top of the bed. The bed is made using the correct size bedding and as ‘the icing on the cake’ I put the quilt on the top but turn it, o maybe about 45 degrees. Then it looks artful, like a decorator has done it.


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