What a Great Way to Ring in the New Year!

They're Engaged

We have a wedding to plan in our family! On Christmas day, our youngest son Loren asked Margaret to marry him , and we couldn’t be happier!!!

It was a relaxing day today at our house. We made muffins for breakfast, lounged around for the morning, then returned some presents that didn’t fit. Can’t really say we did any work today, just hung out. It was great! Everybody needs a day like this every so often. Tomorrow – back to work.

Wishing you a great week!

3 thoughts on “What a Great Way to Ring in the New Year!

  1. have fun planning a wedding – our oldest daughter got married a week before Xmas but we didn’t need to plan anything – it was a very tiny wedding – they had been together for 12 years now and decided to make it legal and went to the court house for a quick ceremony with just her parents and his mom as witness’s. She is kind of frugal with her money like I am and couldn’t see spending anything 🙂Karenhttp://karensquilting.com/blog/


  2. So fun with a wedding! Exciting!Thanks for your nice comments on my blog!You should not stop trying the melon-pieces! It’s easy, just iron the freezerpaper on the back, and stitch around with a thread you pull off after sewing them on. That’s what I did. A tip is: cut the templates a little bit (1mm)smaller than they shall be. then they fit nicely at their place.Have a great week!


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