Welcome, 2009!


How was your New Year’s Eve?  We spent the evening in Ann Arbor with Margaret’s family at her parent’s house.  What fun!   Great food, great people;  relaxing time and very enjoyable!  It was Margaret’s birthday, and Sean and Kim dropped by for about an hour, which was nice.  Sean and Kim were married five years ago on New Year’s Eve, and so we had all the family together.

L to R:   Birthday girl Margaret, Loren with Shia La Woof, Kim and Sean.  Don’t they make a handsome group?


Margaret and Loren, newly engaged, and baby Shia La Woof

Yes, friends, Marge has funny bobbles on her head!  It was New Year’s Eve!

 So, now that 2009 is officially here, what is in store for YOUR new year?

I’m not making any other New Year’s resolutions, other than the one I shared in early December.  I only plan to purchase fabric for quilt backings and bindings this year.  I have SO much fabric laying around and want to go through it before I add more.  It’s also a good way to force myself to be a little more creative in my work.

I would like to concentrate some effort this year in getting my sewing area in shape.  I need some storage space, more electrical outlets, and a better cutting and sewing area.  We have some ideas, and they begin with Dean and I visiting Home Depot to see what we can get.  Painting is very high on the priority list.  I’m thinking pale yellow for my basement sewing space.  That will help brighten it up, don’t you think?  Yellow is supposed to be THE color this year, so we’ll just say I’m being stylish.  Honey, is yellow okay with you?   Yellow walls, white cabinets, fresh lighting… yeah, that sounds good!

I also want to work on some smaller quilts this year.  I will continue to work on my Dear Sammy Jane quilt, but I don’t think I will participate in the newyears_08block-of-the-week on the DJ list.  That stressed me out some last year, and Lordy knows I don’t need more stress.  After all, there’s a wedding to work on!


Happy New Year!  

May you and your family

be as happy as ours!

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4 thoughts on “Welcome, 2009!

  1. Caron I have never participated in the DJ block of the week but just make them as I feel like, I still get a lot done on that quilt I feel. I’m with you on using up stash – I do not have a lot in large pieces of fabric, but I do have so many small pieces that I will be making a lot of stash quilt this year – Bonnie’s site will help me out on that I’m sure for ideas.Karenhttp://karensquilting.com/blog/


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