Sometimes You Have to Try Something New



My hubby likes motorcycles.  A few years ago, he sold his beloved Honda Shadow.  It made him a very sad boy.  I know he wants a new bike, so today we went to a motorcycle show.  There were hundreds of bikes… some cool, some ugly, some not so practical.  He really liked this baby – a very sweet ride!


My daily commute to work is a fairly short one… it usually takes me only about ten minutes one way.  I don’t do a lot of driving outside my small community, so buying a vehicle that gets poor gas mileage seems stupid in these economic times.  What better way to get to work than on a scooter or motorcycle?  Some of the scooters I looked at get between 55-65 mpg.  Wow!  So… do you think I could pull it off?  

(Camera phone photos… sorry for quality!)

The weekend wasn’t all about motorcycles.  I worked on a table runner yesterday that I am making as my first posted tutorial.  It still needs some embroidery on it, but it should be ready for posting within the next week or so.  I also finished making the top of my first convergence quilt.  I am hoping to get it quilted this Saturday.

The holiday is over, and things at work should be back to normal tomorrow.  But the month of January will be a very busy one, which might mean some days of longer hours, so not as much sewing might take place.  But I enjoy what I do at work, and I’d rather stay busy than have to look for something to do.  So, while I’m busy at work, I’m hoping you will take over on the creative front and post some exciting new things on YOUR blog! 

If YOUR blog isn’t listed in the column to the right, please send me an email with your website URL.  I’d love to take a peek at what you are working on!

Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have to Try Something New

  1. I like the quilt on your new header! Neat. On the scooter – to each his/her own. I have never ridden one, and I’m not much for motorcycles – Good gas mileage for sure! Could use for half the year – unless you will drive it in the winter — I’m freezing thinking of that! You haven’t mentioned – what kind of work do you do? sounds like a busy time coming up for you.Karen


  2. What is it with DH’s and motorcycles? I think there are three or four* in the garage now… at least with the bad weather he stays home and I get to see him. Once summer shows up he disappears off to race his bikes!*I’m sure they’re multiplying… every summer there seem to suddenly be more of them. lol…


  3. My husband bought a Honda Shadow a few years ago and later broke his leg. He was home in a hospital bed for 4 months. Did he sell his Honda Shadow? No! I think there are three bikes out in the garage now. I don’t go there ’cause I’m busy blogging, ebaying and quilting. We do have fun! Love your blog…happy new year. (Coralie from Michigan at


  4. I dated a man when I was much, much younger who rode and painted motorcycles. The only problem with motorcycles is how inconsiderate and dangerous car drivers can be. My husband is a bicycle rider and I ride once in a while. Cars are always the hardest part of riding except for the hills. 🙂You look cute on that scooter.Darilyn


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