Where Do Quilting Designs Come From?



Where do quilting designs come from?  How do you figure out how to quilt designs on your quilts?  Do you create the designs yourself, or do you look for patterns to use or adapt to fit your quilt top?FrenchStarMedallion


Sometimes I design my own quilting patterns.  Othertimes, I am inspired by things that I see around me.  It might be a simple shape, repeated over and over.   Or, an intricate design that has taken hours to draw, erase, and draw again and again. 

Visit Carla’s blog and admire the Egyptian quilt she is working on for Barb.  The designs are inspired by ancient motifs.  As long as you’re looking at her blog, you should probably go visit her Flickr site and admire more of her fantastic work.   Look at the detail she puts into her quilting designs!

DSC02194Quilting – the process of holding the three layers of the quilt sandwich together – deserves more than simple stitching in straight lines 1/4 inch around each patch.  Try using designs that enhance and beautiful the already marvelous work you have put into your creation.  The quilting can make – or break your quilt. Take the time to carefully think about what you DSC01683want your quilt to say about you.  And your quilting WILL say a great deal about your character! 

Look for designs in nature.  Look for designs in architecture.   Even a cemetery  can yield some great shapes to enhance your quilt!

Start a collection of images, either in a folder on your computer or a sketch pad you can take with you in your purse or backpack.  Doodle when you have time!  Looking at the lines and shapes in your world will open up many new possibilities for you as a quilter.  The world is your oyster – go quilt it!

4 thoughts on “Where Do Quilting Designs Come From?

  1. she has some beautiful quilts – her machine quilting certainly adds to the design of the quilt. I have seen some inexperience machine quilted quilts that do nothing for the quilt as it takes away from the design of the quilt top – this one certainly doesn’t do do that. She must be very experienced.Karenhttp://karensquilting.com/blog/


  2. Hi Caron!I am still at the learning stages with quilt designing… Thanks for the tips! 😎Your hubby is sitting on a very nice ride indeed! … You too! 😎Happy stitchings!


  3. Hi Caron,Great advice. Because I can feel a bit aprehensive about new designs, I keep a ‘doodle’ cloth by my machine and use it not only for warming up prior to machine quilting on an actual project, but for trying out new stitch ideas. The designs always look different in thread and cloth, than they did with paper and pencil. When the doodle cloths are stitched out to the max, I sometimes cut them into squares, bind them and use for utility potholders. Thank you for your lovely and kind words about my new blog. I have a lot to learn and will be looking to others, such as yourself, for inspiration!hugs,Cyn:)


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