Out of Thread…


I should have machine pieced this baby.  It took much longer than it should have.  G8- Justin’s Comet, one little block out of “Dear Sammy Jane.”

Why is it that when you have a project you are dying to finish… that everything possible goes wrong and prevents you from finishing?

I wanted to finish a table runner tonight and get it on Etsy.  After all, it DOES have a Valentine theme, and that’s just a hint over one month away!  I ran out of thread mid-project tonight while I was meander quilting it.  Meandering soaks up thread like water on a sponge.  GEESH!  So after work tomorrow, it’s hurry to the quilt store before they close, grab the thread, go home and make dinner, eat, and go to choir.  The sewing will have to wait until Wednesday.   Unless we get a snow storm…   Hey, God?   Are you listening?