Saturday – Play Day!

I love Saturday.

I can sleep in as long as I want (or until the cat pesters me enough to force me up). I can eat a relaxing breakfast without having to gulp it down. I can (usually) do anything I want. My day can be unstructured.

With that being said, it seems like every Saturday follows the same format: Get up, get coffee, turn on computer, read… get breakfast, do something quilty. But that’s OK… I like it that way! I turn on the radio and listen to John Tesch, and revel in the joy of quilting and sewing. Today I plan on finishing the marking of my Circle QuiltPaper Lanterns quilt.

In the evenings, I have been making progress on my Circles quilt. Not much more to hand quilt on the blocks, then do the border and it’s done! This is how it looks this morning.

Wishing you a fabulous Saturday!

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