Sometimes the best plans go awry

My plans yesterday were to finish marking “Paper Lanterns” and put it on the frame. It is now marked, but not on the frame. I thought I had enough batting, but it turns out I am about a foot short in length. So today I will travel to JoAnn’s and get more. HEAVY SIGH. I think I’ll try that new bamboo batting. If you have used it, please comment below. It’s new to me!

So instead of starting to quilt, I did a cleaning of my sewing area. Lots of threads and little bits of fabric and such on the floor, so I grabbed my basement vaccuum. The belt was broken. Another HEAVY SIGH.

I opted to sew this little block (F12 Starburst) and then go upstairs and hand quilt.

Some days are just like that, aren’t they?

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