It’s the little things…

In life, it’s the little things that make you feel good. A kiss from your dog, a single flower from your someone special for no reason at all, a walk by the river holding hands, a co-worker bringing you a latte “just because.” These little things are the things you remember the most.

I love shopping online at for just those reasons. They do the little things that keep me coming back for more. They always wrap my purchases in pretty, quilty tissue paper before they put them in the shipping bag. They always take the time to write a little note on my order form. They always put a little cute sticker next to their note. “A sticker?” you say? Yes. It’s a little thing, but it always makes me smile, and it tells me that they care enough about me, the customer, to go that extra little step. special ordered fabric for me when I needed it. They will personally go looking for something if it isn’t on their HUGE website. They go above and beyond. That’s why they get my business. If you haven’t been to their website, please go there now.

Last summer I bought my Pfaff Grand Quilter and while I was at the quilt shop, bought a few little things (duh!). I saw a sign above the thread I wanted: 3 for $x.00. I thought, what a bargain!!! I grabbed three spools, paid for my order, and left one happy camper. When I got home (it’s an hour away) I looked at my receipt. They had charged me the regular (FULL) price for the thread.

Last night, I went to the same shop for a class on using my Pfaff. Since it’s so far away and I don’t get there frequently, I had planned in advance and had a few things on a very short list to buy. I was excited because they use a punch card reqard system. Each time you purchase something, they mark your card. When your card is filled up, you get $25 in free merchandise. I was $15 away from filling up my card. My purchase was easily going to fill it up! I got to the checkout table, only to have a grumpy lady tell me “We don’t do that anymore. You’re just too late.” The tone of her voice was pretty scolding. I showed her that I had been getting it filled out regularly and that I was reaching FULL with this purchase. She looked at me and said, “I told you, we don’t do that anymore.”

Yes, it’s the little things.

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9 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. I know what you mean about those punch cards – the store I occasionally go to in Little Rock has a similiar system, they don’t use a punch card but keep track on the computer and I knew I had a $25 gift card amount to use because they had printed out a card for me with my last order. I went a couple weeks ago and used it and she said oh you made it just in time we are discontinuing that program. I thought but you told me there was no expiration date – I’m glad I got to use mine but I no others will go thinking they had an open ended card and will find out it is no longer any good. I guess a lot of the shops are having to discontinue things so they can stay open. I will check out the e quilter shop, I have not used them.Karen


  2. We are very sorry that we did not handle your time at Country Stitches well. Our VIC Card program ended two years ago and we have honored them for the last two years. I am really sorry that you were unable to redeam your VIC Card. We felt that giving customers two years was adequate time to turn in their cards. Several companies, like Subway, have discontinued their punch card programs without notice and did not honor them at all. We no longer accept VIC Cards but have starte new programs including Fabric Club and Class Cards. We are sorry that you were unable to use your VIC Card but hope you will participate in our new programs. We try really hard to be nice to every customer and I am really sorry that we failed. I hope you will give us a second chance. – Anita at Country Stitches


  3. Anita,Jayne, my instructor at Country Stitches has always been very friendly and helpful. She was great in my class on Tuesday. But you have a large shop, and I am sure there are many people – like me – who drive from far away to visit your shop. We might not come often because of the distance, but when we do, I’m sure we spend quite a bit. I’ve been there several times in the past year, but haven’t had my card with me. Thus, there was no way to know your program had been stopped. Customers want to be treated like they are appreciated and special, not a bother, which is how I felt. It is my prayer that your sales staff can learn from this experience.


  4. Agree with you, it’s the little and simple things that make us happier. Btw, if you pop over my page then you’ll see a little surprise waiting to be read;)Love,N~


  5. A frustrating and disappointing suprize, which could have been delivered in a much nicer way I am sure… Grumpy/nasty quilt shop owners/staff up here don’t do well with their sales, especially the ones that are a good distance away, and don’t have a shop that long either… Sad, but true…We do have some absolutely wonderful quilt shop owners/staff/teachers up here though. Always a joy to shop at them! 😎Happy stitchings!


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