When to Copyright Your Quilt

Jack's Beanstalk, copyright 1984 Caron Mosey
Should you copyright your quilts?
When do you know the time is right?
I have one quilt that is copyrighted. It is “Jack’s Beanstalk,” shown here on exhibit somewhere. I knew to copyright this quilt when I finished it and decided to enter it in shows all over God’s green earth. I knew to copyright it when I wanted it for the cover of my first book. It was destined to be seen by a lot of people, and even though I was pretty sure the folksy look of the quilt would be hard to replicate by others, I wanted to make sure that my original remained an original. To try and put a copyright on a Snail’s Trail quilt… or an Irish Chain… or Winding Ways… or Log Cabin would be futile. You can’t do it. They are traditional designs that are in the public domain.

If you’re thinking about copyrighting a quilt, here’s a GREAT post for further information. Please, while you are on the Lost Quilts website, take a good look around. The website is a lost and found for quilts.

Jack’s Beanstalk, copyright 1984 Caron Mosey

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