Cottages and Porches

I’m a sucker for a quaint cottage and a nice porch. I love looking at photos (inside and out) of cottage-style homes and relaxing porches. I even save some on my computer when I spot them… you never know when your eyes need something friendly to look at! Even though I don’t have it myself, I love the “shabby chic” look. White, off-white everything appeals to me. Something about the absence of color gets me every time. White beadboard has a quaint look to it. I’d fill my home with beadboard if I could get away with it. Those regular, parallel lines, the white paint, the grooves between the board take me back to a time when I was young and would visit with my grandparents in their home. I have a small amount of it in my bedroom furniture.
I’d love a whole kitchen of this kind of look! I love the texture of old houses. When surfing quilt blogs, I’m drawn to any that have the word “cottage” or “porch” in the title.

Here are four I read regularly:

Have a seat on the porch swing, sip some coffee and surf through some great cottage blogs. I’m going surfing for some photos of charming, old homes…
Just because.

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