Semi-Productive Saturday – but that’s okay

Usually Saturday mornings find me getting up and getting going. I do some writing, get breakfast done, shower, and hit the sewing machine. Not so today! I had a rough work week with a major RFP to get out the door late yesterday. I was tuckered out, and slept in until almost 7 AM. That hardly ever happens!
So instead of sewing, I putzed around cleaning this, wiping that, covering the grey hairs on my head with chemicals, getting groceries… It was that kind of a day. Now it’s almost 7 PM, and rather than sew, I think I’m going to dive back into this book.

I picked this up a week or two ago. A Walk Across America was written by Peter Jenkins, and it’s hard to put down. From Peter’s website:

A WALK ACROSS AMERICA by Peter Jenkins is the story of the first half of Peter’s walk across America. Just out of college and disillusioned he sets out to discover his country and himself with his beloved dog, Cooper, the half Alaskan malamute. The strength of this book are the people and the places Peter finds and writes about vividly as he explores America. Published in 1979 it went onto the NY Times Best Sellers list where it stayed for three months.

If you like this kind of story, visit his website and read more about this book… and the others he has written.

Sometimes you just need a non-quilty day.

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