A Beautiful Thing

A hungry baby doesn’t care where his nourishment comes from. All that matters is that his needs are met. Bless you, Salma, for opening the window and showing a natural way for mothers to help starving children.

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3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Thing

  1. When my daughter was an infant I left her for an evening with a close friend and me and my husband went to a wedding. My friend was also breast feeding at the time. My daughter kept refusing the bottle (she was only breast fed at the time), my friend had her husband give their son a bottle and breast fed my baby. I was conflicted at the time mostly due to my own guilt. (HOW could I leave my poor baby!) I am grateful that my friend did the natural loving thing and treated my hungry baby as her own. Selma is a beautiful woman who cares about others. It is good to see.


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