Guest Blogger on Subversive Stitchers

I have been asked to be a guest blogger on the Subversive Stitchers Blog, and I jumped at the invitation.

After asking Dawn what she might like me to write about, she gave me some thoughts…

“I have no specific direction although you have great experience with publishing books, winning awards, being part of the quilt community, I would imagine you have much to share. I always enjoy being surprised at what my guests bring to the blog. So whatever you want to write as long as it relates to fabric art.”

So I thought I’d ask my readers… What would YOU like to have me write about? Please drop me a comment under this post before Feb. 25th and I will take your ideas into consideration. AND, because Feb. 25th is my birthday, I will randomly select one person’s name from those who respond and send them a “It’s my birthday” surprise. Make sure I know how to contact you if you are selected!

Now, please leave my blog and go visit Subversive Stitchers Blog, It’s one of my favorites!

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3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger on Subversive Stitchers

  1. You are just wayyyy too cool. I can’t wait to read your guest blog and see the pictures.I’m excited to have you join with a group of guest bloggers who have already surprised me with their insightful comments. Thanks for the mention of my blog and I’m honored that you list it as a favorite! Oh by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! DawnSubversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles


  2. What a wonderful site you have directed us to Caron – I had never run across this one and have now added it to my blogroll & google reader. I will have to sit down and start looking through all the wonderful things and I only took a couple minutes to look right now. As for what you could talk about on the page I have always been interested to know more about how to quilting authors get published – what goes into it and how do you get your patterns copyrighted?Karen


  3. Feb 25th is my granddaughter Tory’s birthday. Isn’t that special?I think that telling how you got started, then how you progressed to designing and publishing would be fun to tell.I always ask “what made you start” what was the best lesson learned as a new quilter. I remember when I first started quilting (only one year ago) and I found your blog. Wonderful work and that’s why I visit.


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