Puppy Dog Tails

DSC02516 I have a small collection of little dogs that was started when I was a toddler by my grandpa. My grandpa was a hunter and had hunting dogs. But when he was little, he owned a springer spaniel. The little dog on the right in the photo was given to me by grandpa when I was not quite ten. When I would go visit him, he’d let me play with it. He even tied a little string on it so I could pretend it was a leash and pull it across the desk. If you look at the closeup of him, you can see the old string. It’s falling apart, but I will never remove it because grandpa put it there. He’s made out of iron and weighs a ton!DSC02517

The other dogs in the collection are newer. The middle dog represents the Old English Sheepdog Dean and I got shortly after we were married. “Elbrus” was a real lover. He loved people SO much he’d jump all over them wanting attention. For that reason, he was a real pain, but we loved him. The little puppy on the left represents our wonderful Golden Retrievers, Maestro and Gretzky. They are now DSC02499keeping Jesus company.

This little Boxer lives at my dad’s house right now. My grandma on mom’s side raised boxers. They were all named “Ginger” and this was hers. After mom got it, she painted it with gold paint because it was looking rusty. He also weighs a ton!


Do you have any little things from your childhood that are special to you?


3 thoughts on “Puppy Dog Tails

  1. I have a small cache of elephants that I have had forever. I also have all the knitting needles that I learned to knit on.I would rather have your dogs though.I started one of my granddaughters with “breakable” tea services. All miniatures, and she still, as a teenager displays them with her trophies etc.


  2. Love your dogs! I have jelly jar glasses that we always drank ice tea in when we were at grandmas house. Each one has a different flower on them. I love them as much today as I did 35 years ago!


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