Ahhh, A Great Morning With Sunshine and a Kittie

I LOVE mornings when the sun is shining! Even when there are no leaves outside, this time of year when the sun shines early in the day it gives me a feeling of hope. It’s March 14th. Where you are, there might be flowers and leaves and birds chirping. But in Michigan we are just starting to think those things just might be possibilities.
Yes, lots of hope!

I had hopes of sleeping in this morning. My usual “get-up-and-go” time is 5:45 AM. Today I “slept” until 7:30. Slept is not the right word, though. Dean nicely shut the bedroom door when he got up at 5 AM. But Stormie missed her mom, so she sat outside the door for what seemed like hours going MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!

You get the idea. She knew I was not a happy mommy, as when I got up she was nowhere to be found. Until I started crawling around looking in lower, hidden places. Like this.
Under the guest bed dust ruffle, on top of, and then behind the exercise mat.

Kitty Kids… you just have to love ’em.

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4 thoughts on “Ahhh, A Great Morning With Sunshine and a Kittie

  1. My daughter always refers to the dog as “the child you never had” and therein ends the story. The dog is always happy to see me…the born naturally kid may not be.Yeah Caron, we are awaiting spring. With the full moon last night, the sunshine today, the rising temperatures, can spring not be around the corner?


  2. Lovely kitty, and if that’s the worst thing it ever does, that’s not so bad. lol I had a cat named Freeway that liked to sleep on my pillow; it was like wearing a big russian hat (he was about 14#). If he didn’t want you to get up, you got a large paw full of claws gently pressed against your forehead. I slept in a lot!Happy quilting,Susanhttp://www.susanintexas.blogspot.com


  3. Caron, Your cat looks just like mine! And, I too, have experienced the early morning meowing and meowing and meowing. Of course, we are just residents in these cat’s homes! Pat


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