Treading Lightly

Early in the month of March I posted about walking on my treadmill.  I had hoped to participate in an annual walk down in Ann Arbor, MI.  Well, I’m going to be doing a little different form of walking during a stress test on March 26th.  I’ve had them before, so it’s nothing new.  But until I know what’s causing me problems, I have to take it easy.  That means no training.  Geesh!  I’m just trying to get HEALTHY HERE!  then on the 31st I get to have an Echocardiogram.  Such fun.

I haven’t posted much lately.  Sorry about that!  I’ve been working a lot, and quite frankly I’ve been tired.  Doing a lot of couch sitting.  I have put in a little quilting time, both by hand and by machine.  Circles Quilt Hand quilting while watching/listening to T.V., machine quilting in the basement on the weekend.  My circles quilt here has three more narrow borders to be quilted, then the binding and label and it’s done.  The Paper Lanterns quilt has been fighting me, but I am winning.  I will have to spend some time frogging on it (RIPPIT, RIPPIT, RIPPIT).  The tension was off when I started and I didn’t realize the birds nesting on the back.  Now it seems to like me.  The photo here shows meandering with gold metallic thread in between the lanterns (which are sideways).  I will have to turn the quilt to finish quilting at some point.  But I’m now enjoying the process!  Paper Lanterns

Wishing everyone a wonderful, sunny weekend… wherever you are!

2 thoughts on “Treading Lightly

  1. I feel your funk this week. Me too, it’s been hard to get the going going, if you know what I mean. It’s good that you have hand quilting, keeps your mind off other things…it’s ok to just sit for a while and just enjoy the moment. Hope you feel better with the health though.


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